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"Circle of Love, Luck & Life"

emma's Constellation Pendant

citrine small hoop earrings

dark apetite small hoop earrings

medium citrine hoop earrings

garnet medium hoop earrings

pink tourmaline and blue topaz hanging earring

citrine earrings

multi tourmaline earrings

emma's rhodolite garnet earring

Pink tourmaline hanging earring

tanzanite drop earring

blue topaz briolette earring

blue topaz earring

Three Drop Hoop Earrings

the love pendant

the luck pendant

Mini Love & Luck Pendant Gold Vermeil

Mini Love & Luck Pendant Sterling

Mini Heart with Pave Diamonds

Mini Heart with Pave Rubies

live4life pendant

Mini Eternity Circle

Eternity Circle with Diamonds

love and luck with diamond

"Luck, Live & Love"

"Luck, Live & Love"

Mini Peace Sign

Mini crescent moon with star

mini dog tag w/ diamond




emma's lock to your heart

emma's heart and key

I love you always washer

Love charm with Briolette

Jackson's Moon with Mini Crescent Moon and Star

Happiness Charm with Briolette

Symbolic Live4Life charm with Briolette

mini heart with diamonds


mini kiss with diamonds

constelation pendant and luck

mini crescent moon and star

Mini Live with cord

Open Heart

cresent in sterling silver

Jackson's Cresent Moon w/Mini

Emma's Five Leaf Clover


Mini Clover

Love in Rose Gold

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Three Ovals Earrings

Hoop with Mini

Hoop with Mini

Oval Hoop Earrings

sterling silver washer

rose gold cresent moon

cresent moon 14kt